Friday, March 30, 2012

Fat Cat Fat Dog

If you want a decent selection of draft brews and a good hot dog; go to Quincy's Fat Cat. The Fat Dog is a big fat wiener. I went here with my buddy from the Monster Laboratory.

I know I say this everywhere I go, but I believe they serve Pearl's here as well. Big grilled Fat Dog on a crusty grilled toasted sub roll. Serious options for toppings. My pal got it with bacon and caramelized onions.

I got my Fat Dog with grilled yellow peppers and chopped pickles. The yellow peppers were nice and soft, served in the roll beneath the wiener . I added relish and black pepper at the table. Light grill markings on the wiener and bun. Natural casing nice and snappy; no uncomfortable chew.

The girth of the wiener snuggled inside of the bun makes for a bit of an unwieldy experience. Be ready to be spilling sauce on the table. (Un)Healthy portion of fries as well. Solid wiener.

I also like beer. Good rotating craft drafts.

Alright. Fat Dog get's a 4/5!

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