Thursday, March 29, 2012

Simco's Old Tyme Franks


Well, Simco's is THE classic hot dog joint of the Greater Boston area. It's in Mattapan. On Blue Hill Ave. It has been there for a million-or-so years. You can tell by the signage. I wonder if they truly were the "World's Largest" as the sign says. They certainly aren't nowadays.

This was my second time here. My bro and I went together. He got a couple of cheese dogs. They were like grilled-cheese-dogs.

I got two chili-cheese Dogs. Really long and skinny wieners. I believe they use Pearls here. Buttered-grilled roll. Classic. Nice tanned wiener. I was feeling the cheese. Like a white kraft-single-type. Very melty and creamy.

The chili wasn't exactly thrilling to me. I don't think I'll get it again. Kind of like Beef-a-roni minus the roni. So if you solve that little equation you're left with just "Beef-a." Take the "Beef-a" and add a can of vegetarian baked beans. That's the chili. It really wasn't that bad though! Honest! Kind of like a Queen LaBeef-a.

I think the fried twinkies may have outshined the hot dogs though.

Good classic wiener! Next time I'll stick to classic condiments.

This trip get's a 4/5!

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