Sunday, November 13, 2011

Grote & Weigel Revisited

So this time around with Grote & Weigel wasn't so bad. I cooked them in a frying pan and burned them to hell. I bit one of the plain ends off and wasn't turned on from these wieners as I have been in the past; however, I definitely wasn't as turned OFF as I was last week.

Maybe they've changed the recipe slightly. Maybe I haven't been having good luck with expiration/sell by dates. The uncooked wieners did feel a little greasy after sitting in the refrigerator for a week, but they cooked up fine.

Not to discredit Grote & Weigel, because I didn't notice anything particularly funky about the dogs this time, I must say that the true star of this "Sunday Communion" was my choice to top them off with Uncle Maynard's Hot Pepper Relish (and Gulden's Spicy Brown). I couldn't really taste much hot dog under all that relish.

I wasn't chewing on rubbery sheep intestines, so that's good.

Uncle Maynard's Pepper Relish cannot be beat. End of story.

I plan to do a special post for Uncle Maynard's Pepper relish soon.

This wiener tag team gets a 3/5!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Caswell's Seafood

 I thrust the wiener into my mouth and closed my teeth upon it; it's sweet juices flowed out over my tongue.

I went to Caswell's Seafood, in Weymouth, with my pal. We got wieners.

I have driven by Caswell's several times and have always been intrigued by the advertisement of "LONG HOT DOGS" on the sign.

My wiener was pretty good.

It came standard on a buttered-toasted roll. I got it with mustard, onions, and relish. I was pleased with the portion of toppings. I sprinkled a little bit of black pepper on as well.

I found the wiener to be VERY juicy. I enjoyed this. Other than that, it was pretty standard.

An upgrade from the wieners at Sullivan's Castle Island.

I give Caswell's a 3/5!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grote & Weigel Pork & Beef Frankfurters

Disclaimer: Today I have experienced disappointment unlike anything hitherto.

I have always loved Grote & Weigel Frankfurters in the past but today something just wasn't right. Actually, nothing was right.

My dear fans; fellow wiener lovers, prepare for a true tragedy. Brace yourselves for...

Slum Dog Take II
or How To Succeed At Complete Failure

I really looked forward to commenting on the special "breakfast-sausage-like" seasoning present in these franks, but all I could taste was a strong OTHER FACTOR. However, the blame for this atrocity may totally fall upon the chef. I am that chef.

So, what went wrong?

1. I cooked these hot dogs on a panini press with butter. Although the skin burst open and there were light grill marks, there was absolutely no char. The issue here is that the casing was rubbery. I also believe that the rubbery case was the source of the unfavorable OTHER flavor. Maybe this could have been fixed by cooking them longer.

2. Once I assumed the hot dogs were ready, I placed them into the rolls and pressed them. The rolls were compromised structurally and very soggy.

3. After the rolls were marked with grill lines I peeled them open, and topped them with the "Slum Dog" toppings (hot onion, tamarind chutneys). It was a soggy mess.

I think the major failing with this entire preparation is that it was a bit too grandiose. Also, my expectations were a little too high.

I was so grossed out that I only ate 1.5/2 wieners. I don't think I'll be using the panini press in any aspect of hot dog cooking ever again.

Next time I have Grote & Weigel's, I'll be sure to grill them.

We regret to inform you that you are not eligible for enrollment this year. 1/5!