Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crown Royal Bakery Hot Dog Bun

After work today I decided to stop at the Crown Royal Bakery in Wollaston, MA to pick up some hot-dog-buns. I was introduced to these delicious treats a while back by my co-worker and have had them a million times since. Today was my first time actually going to the bakery and buying them myself. The bakery, I hear, is absolutely mobbed in the morning but when I went at 5PM I was the only one there. I must note because of the time of purchase the bread wasn't as fresh but just a tiny bit more firm than usual.

Appearance: A shiny, tan, and round egg-washed bun with the red head of the hot dog poking out of the ends. The heads must become red from the egg-wash or baking. After biting in, the wiener is revealed as a typical pink-type and the roll yellowy.

Smell: Nothing special to note smelling the hot dog. The roll smells sweet and egg-washy.

Taste: The roll is a little on the sweet side and the mild hot dog is a little on the salty side. Perfect combo of sweet and salty. However, the bread:wiener ratio is a little high with the little oblong hot dog residing within the large round roll.

Texture: The wieners used in these are skinless and on the soft n' chewy side. The roll is soft but not as soft as I have had before. The bread immediately surrounding the wiener is a little soggy: I don't know if this is because of the juices coming out during baking or if they slather the wiener in something; definitely a plus though.

Overall: These dogs are very good and very fulfilling. I'm pretty sure they can be found at almost any Chinese bakery for a good change-up from the traditional wiener. I haven't really tried much else from the bakery but it's supposed to be a pretty good example of Chinese baked goods. At 85 cents a piece (as of 6/30/11), I will definitely buy these again and again and again.

Check out the bakery. It's right across Newport Ave. from the Wollaston Red Line T-Stop.

These wieners get a 4/5!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pineland Farms Uncured Beef Hot Dogs

I bought these natural Hot Dogs at Whole Foods about a week ago, ate three, put them in the fridge, and revisited them tonight. I swear they were still fine and match up to my memories of my previous eating experience. I cooked these in a frying pan since it was raining. I put these wieners in rolls with a little bit of black pepper for fun and Gulden's Spicy Brown Mustard. Now for the review part.

Appearance: These are natural casing style Hot Dogs. Dark red in color with some nice browning from cooking. The dark pink meat inside is chunky but homogeneous, with most moisture residing in between chunks.

Smell: They smell like hot dogs. I don't have the most refined olfactory system. I couldn't get anyone to sniff my wiener for me.

Taste: Nothing too wild. Tastes like beef. Not totally bland but nothing distinct to take notice of.

Texture: Biting into these hot dogs is like a rubber band snap. A little on the chewy side but not gross.

Overall: These dogs were pretty good. Nothing special, but better than numerous alternatives. I wouldn't necessarily buy these again unless I had a hankering for a natural wiener and Applegate Farms were out of stock.

I give Pineland Farms Uncured Beef Hot Dogs a 3/5 rating!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coming Soon

I will post an actual review SOON. But until then, here are some basic definitions.

Innie: A wiener purchased for in-home consumption.
Outie: A wiener experienced while "dining out."

Wieners will be graded on Appearance, Smell, Taste, Texture and Overall Impression.