Friday, April 6, 2012

Condiment Spotlight: Olde Cape Cod Horseradish Mustard

Olde Cape Cod Horseradish Mustard is pretty good. I found the texture to be the most notable attribute. It's a gritty and dry mustard. However, it's not pasty or thick. It's pretty flowy. Like a suspension of broken mustard seeds and horseradish. On the label they claim to use more horseradish than other brands. It is pretty prominent; I'm no horseradish mustard expert though. As far as spiciness goes, it's pretty neutral. Vinegar tang. Extended sniffing had a slight burning effect in my nares, akin to sniffing ammonia, but not unpleasant. It comes in a cool hexagonal jar! Also, it's a product of New England, which always makes me happy to see. I wish they had a spicy brown. I bought this mustard at Stop & Shop. Maybe you should too. I may buy it again.

Did I mention that the jar is a hexagon?

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