Thursday, September 29, 2011

Windy City Eats: Bruin Dog & Spicy Corn Dog

I'll keep this brief.

It poured tonight.

I went to Windy City Eats with my bro. HIS TREAT! I got a Bruin Dog and a Spicy Corn Dog. He got a regular Corn Dog and a Cheese Dog.

Bruin Dog: On a poppy seed bun with Boston Baked Beans. There was one random slice of a hot pepper. Franks n' beans all in one.

Spicy Corn Dog: Corn dogs are good. I'm not really convinced that this one was spicy though. Maybe it wasn't?

I had a grand scheme about taking pictures of these wieners but it didn't quite pan out.

As with most trips to Windy City, I was too busy stuffing my face to pay much attention to anything.

Another solid Windy City experience. 4/5!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Applegate Farms Natural Big Apple Hot Dogs

The Big Apple Natural Casing Hot Dogs from Applegate Farms have NEVER failed me. I first found these at Whole Foods about a year ago and have been loving them ever since. These were grilled and put in Joseph's Hot Dog Pitas (provided by my kind mother) with lettuce and Boar's Head Pepperhouse Gourmaise (provided by my excellent sister).

Appearance: Grilled to my usual liking. These wieners kind of shriveled up after being off the grill for a few minutes.

Smell: I don't know exactly what I'm smelling but it's GOOD. Definitely a little bit of spice going on.

Taste: I really hit the jackpot this time. These wieners have a perfect hot dog taste which went really well with the Pepperhouse Gourmaise. Lettuce: WHY NOT?

Texture: You wouldn't be able to say that these dogs are all bark and no bite. They have a nice and firm snap with smooth meat that is just moist enough. Lettuce was a great addition to the mix. I will say the pita was a little weak in construction but I dare you to show me a sturdy pita.

Overall: This was almost too good to be true. Wiener bliss. I'll be sure to have this combo or variations of.

Applegate Farms Big Apple Hot Dogs get a 5/5!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Applegate Farms Organic Beef Hot Dogs

My cousin hooked me up with some grass-fed beef hot dogs made by Applegate Farms. What a good cousin. These puppies were grilled and I had mine with Uncle Maynard's Hot Pepper Relish which I would say is a better product than the Howard's. It has a bit of a cinnamon flavor to it. I found mine at Stop and Shop.

Appearance: These wieners are short and stumpy. No natural skin. They darkened up nicely on the grill but were a little resistant to blistering and splitting. Darker pink on the inside.

Smell: Cooking these on the grill gave off a hamburger smell. Either due to the exceptional beefiness of the wieners or maybe just some left over hamburger smell from previous grill use.

Taste: These wieners taste like meat and nothing else.

Texture: Biting into the wieners, they are a little on the tough side regardless of their skinless state. Firm and juicy.

Overall: These wieners are "aight." Not as exciting in the flavor category as the Apple Gate all-natural Big Apple franks. Organic vs. all natural. I will note that there is a bit of an other-factor going on: putting these wieners down my throat made my burps taste fishy. Just putting that out there.

I give these wieners a 3/5!