Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nathan's Famous Beef Frank Natural Casing

Back in my High School days, my original hot dog of choice was the Nathan's Skinless variety. I eventually fell out of love with them and developed a holier-than-thou attitude toward the Nathan's brand.

Fastforward to last November: I saw these in the hot dogs section at Stop & Shop and had never before laid eyes on this product. I had tried the skinny long ones, the chubby short ones, and even the chubby long ones; but these were new to me. I had to pick them up. They then stayed in my freezer for about 5 months. Sell by date: 12/31/2011.

Appearance: Dark-red-meaty and tight Wieners. There was meat bursting (that may be an exaggeration) out of one side of the link. Lopsided grill char (my grill was misbehaving).

Smell: Meat. Grill. MMM.

Taste: These wieners seem to have a bit of spice to them. Though, I did sprinkle them with black pepper, stripe with Gulden's Spicy Brown, and blob with Uncle Maynard's Hot Pepper Relish.

Texture: These wieners are firm and beefy, just as I recall the skinless version to be with the added bonus of a natural casing. The casing wasn't rubbery even in the places where the grill didn't char. Moist enough even after being frozen for months.

Overall: These wieners work. There is nothing wrong with them. NOTHING EXCITING THOUGH. I may buy them again for a cookout or something like that. A versatile wiener that can not fail.

Nathan's Natural Casing gets a 4/5!


  1. I miss those 'normal' hotdog buns. The shape of hotdog buns is different in NYC!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Yoriko!

      I guess you can only get the "New England Style" rolls (with slit on the top rather than the side) up here. I prefer the New England style myself; more exposed bread, less crust, usually a bit softer.

  2. This is near my hometown. My brother used to compete in their dog eating contest.