Monday, November 3, 2014

Meica Frankfurters

After trying the Meica Wieners, I simply had to try the Frankfurters. The franks were actually pretty similar. Maybe a little more spiced. A shade darker pink.

I slid them into some nice brown buns and dressed 'em up with cucumbers, hot sauce, peanut sauce and sesame seeds. On the side I had some lotus root (packed in soy sauce).

A minor gripe would be that the Meica varieties are lacking in girth. Pairing them with these slightly too large rolls (from Paris Baguette) was a bit of a mistake. Any fuller sized hot dog would have been a better fit. On the bright side, the extra room kept the toppings from falling all over the place.

I came away from this experience with no regrets. I will definitely be having this topping combo again.

Since I'm posting this waaaay after the fact, I will not be giving a score.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Post Apocalypse Update

Now that the Wiener Apocalypse has passed we find ourselves in the ruins of the old world. The dust has settled and the sun is shining in the sky. The winds carry the spirit of change-- an era of rebuilding is upon us.

I recently found myself in the local GS Supermarket buying supplies for grilled cheese. As I was browsing the refrigerated section I noticed a jar with a bright red label. The jar said "Frankfurter" and the brand "Meica." Needless to say, I couldn't resist; I grabbed a jar and checked out.

When I got home I noticed my jar said "Wiener" on it. On a return visit to the supermarket I saw they sold three varieties: Wiener, Frankfurter, and "Trueman's American Style Hot Dog." Score!

The wieners turned out to be a good experience and gave me a new lease on life. The meat and casing were of a softer texture. I assume this is due to their being jarred in brine. The skins popped and cracked very quickly in the frying pan. These wieners were light pink and tasted pretty mild.

I would say this is my greatest hot dog find since moving to Korea. I'd go even further to say that these are the only TRUE hot dog's I have found here. Meica claims to be Germany's #1 brand. Well, they're not the best I've ever had but they were exactly what I would expect a Wiener to be.

4 / 5

Meica Frankfurter review coming soon.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Ines Caffe American Breakfast

After moving to Korea I soon learned that Sausage = Pink Wieneresque Sausage. It seems that actual breakfast sausage is a rare find-- I am not complaining. Ines Caffe, which is in Musil-dong, in Wonju, has a really good "American Breakfast." You get scrambled eggs, "sausage," bacon, beans (the beans are served cold), toast, and salad. Also, coffee here seems to be better than most that I've tried around Wonju. This is the second time that I've eaten here with my main man.

The Wieners:
The sausage is good; better than the four brands I've gotten at the local grocery store. Very homogenous in texture and a little on the firm side. I want to say waxy, but I'm not sure why. Scored natural casing has nice snap. Mild in seasoning. Seems porky/hammy.

I'm sure that I will go here again and again. Very good. 4/5.

Could this be the Wiener Apocalypse?

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Saigon Corner Black Pepper Sauce Delight

Saigon Corner is located in North Quincy on Billings Rd. near the footbridge that crosses the train tracks between Wollaston and N. Quincy Red Line stations.

The menu says "A taste of Hong Kong." That's not Saigon.

Entering this place to pick up food has, at times, made me feel like a stranger walking into a saloon in an old western.

This has been one of my favorite dishes for a while now.

1. Hot Dog
2. Fried Egg
3. Tender Beef Filet
4. Tender Pork Chop
5. Delicious Black Pepper Sauce
6. Served over a bed of white rice. (Pictured here over a bed of lettuce.)

You can order it with varying levels of meat, but I always go for the all out version. You can also get the same dish with a couple of other sauces. The Curry was my original love before I ventured into the black pepper sauce.

This is only my second time substituting out the rice for a vegetable. The first time they put in Yow Choy which is somewhere between spinach and broccoli. This time they put in lettuce which actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The yow choy worked better though.

This one isn't really about the hot dog to me though. I do enjoy it, but I always eat the dog first and move up to the other more enjoyable things. Dog, egg, beef, pork. The sauce is what makes it good. Nice and spicy.

For take out "Chinese" food this is one of my definite favorites-- 5/5. The hot dog gets a 3/5, but that may be a stretch.

Special thanks to my (now former) boss who has treated me to this for lunch many times. A good choice for a last meal.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hingham Beer Works 7th Inning Stretch

The other night I went to Hingham Beer Works with my college buddy. Generally, I'm not a fan of Beer Works but an old pal shared with me his recent wiener experience there. Of course I had to check it out myself. I had my college buddy join me on this excursion.

So what's so special about this wiener? I'll just copy from their website: "THE 7th INNING STRETCH: One pound all beef hot dog on a baguette topped with sauerkraut, relish, sauteed peppers and onions and served with fiery fries, mustard, ketchup and ranch dressing."

I found it odd that they put ketchup on it standard since a lot of wiener snobs are anti-ketchup. Wait a minute...


That's a big wiener. About 20 inches, maybe 2 feet. I got one of these behemoths and so did my buddy. It would have been sensible to share one since we each had half a wiener left at the end. It was a little intimidating to have these two monsters sitting on the table. I felt like I was at the bottom of the food chain about to be gobbled up by a dragon. The only things missing were wings and a sharp-toothed-mouth.

I'm guessing these have to be made by the same people that make them for Jaxson's in Florida. How many people make wieners of this ridiculous proportion? It tasted the same anyway.

Don't get me wrong this was a pretty good wiener but, it was difficult to eat. The massiveness of the wiener surrounded by a giant crusty roll made for a hard time. I practically had to unhinge my jaw just to take a bite. It was like trying to swallow a fist. I swear my jaw hurt later in the evening. I could have gone at it with a fork and knife but then I wouldn't have been eating a wiener. So it wasn't really fun to eat this thing. Unless you're accustomed to having someones arm in your throat. UGH! GRRAGH!

Beer: meh...

Anyway this is the half that I ate:

The other half went to my sister and her boyfriend.

I may revisit this wiener to see if I can down a whole one myself.

This experience get's a 3/5!

Oh yeah, it's a special for the month of April so hurry if you want to check it out!