Monday, April 9, 2012

Hingham Beer Works 7th Inning Stretch

The other night I went to Hingham Beer Works with my college buddy. Generally, I'm not a fan of Beer Works but an old pal shared with me his recent wiener experience there. Of course I had to check it out myself. I had my college buddy join me on this excursion.

So what's so special about this wiener? I'll just copy from their website: "THE 7th INNING STRETCH: One pound all beef hot dog on a baguette topped with sauerkraut, relish, sauteed peppers and onions and served with fiery fries, mustard, ketchup and ranch dressing."

I found it odd that they put ketchup on it standard since a lot of wiener snobs are anti-ketchup. Wait a minute...


That's a big wiener. About 20 inches, maybe 2 feet. I got one of these behemoths and so did my buddy. It would have been sensible to share one since we each had half a wiener left at the end. It was a little intimidating to have these two monsters sitting on the table. I felt like I was at the bottom of the food chain about to be gobbled up by a dragon. The only things missing were wings and a sharp-toothed-mouth.

I'm guessing these have to be made by the same people that make them for Jaxson's in Florida. How many people make wieners of this ridiculous proportion? It tasted the same anyway.

Don't get me wrong this was a pretty good wiener but, it was difficult to eat. The massiveness of the wiener surrounded by a giant crusty roll made for a hard time. I practically had to unhinge my jaw just to take a bite. It was like trying to swallow a fist. I swear my jaw hurt later in the evening. I could have gone at it with a fork and knife but then I wouldn't have been eating a wiener. So it wasn't really fun to eat this thing. Unless you're accustomed to having someones arm in your throat. UGH! GRRAGH!

Beer: meh...

Anyway this is the half that I ate:

The other half went to my sister and her boyfriend.

I may revisit this wiener to see if I can down a whole one myself.

This experience get's a 3/5!

Oh yeah, it's a special for the month of April so hurry if you want to check it out!

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