Monday, July 9, 2012

Ines Caffe American Breakfast

After moving to Korea I soon learned that Sausage = Pink Wieneresque Sausage. It seems that actual breakfast sausage is a rare find-- I am not complaining. Ines Caffe, which is in Musil-dong, in Wonju, has a really good "American Breakfast." You get scrambled eggs, "sausage," bacon, beans (the beans are served cold), toast, and salad. Also, coffee here seems to be better than most that I've tried around Wonju. This is the second time that I've eaten here with my main man.

The Wieners:
The sausage is good; better than the four brands I've gotten at the local grocery store. Very homogenous in texture and a little on the firm side. I want to say waxy, but I'm not sure why. Scored natural casing has nice snap. Mild in seasoning. Seems porky/hammy.

I'm sure that I will go here again and again. Very good. 4/5.

Could this be the Wiener Apocalypse?

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  1. just thought i'd swing by here and tell that Wiener Apocalypse is one great name for a blog. it would also be a great name for a adult film but that's another matter. i'm afraid i don't know all that much about hotdogs but the idea of a kosher version of this blog sounds pretty funny. one possible name might be Hebrew Wiener Apocalypse? oy vey :)