Monday, November 3, 2014

Meica Frankfurters

After trying the Meica Wieners, I simply had to try the Frankfurters. The franks were actually pretty similar. Maybe a little more spiced. A shade darker pink.

I slid them into some nice brown buns and dressed 'em up with cucumbers, hot sauce, peanut sauce and sesame seeds. On the side I had some lotus root (packed in soy sauce).

A minor gripe would be that the Meica varieties are lacking in girth. Pairing them with these slightly too large rolls (from Paris Baguette) was a bit of a mistake. Any fuller sized hot dog would have been a better fit. On the bright side, the extra room kept the toppings from falling all over the place.

I came away from this experience with no regrets. I will definitely be having this topping combo again.

Since I'm posting this waaaay after the fact, I will not be giving a score.

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