Friday, August 15, 2014

Post Apocalypse Update

Now that the Wiener Apocalypse has passed we find ourselves in the ruins of the old world. The dust has settled and the sun is shining in the sky. The winds carry the spirit of change-- an era of rebuilding is upon us.

I recently found myself in the local GS Supermarket buying supplies for grilled cheese. As I was browsing the refrigerated section I noticed a jar with a bright red label. The jar said "Frankfurter" and the brand "Meica." Needless to say, I couldn't resist; I grabbed a jar and checked out.

When I got home I noticed my jar said "Wiener" on it. On a return visit to the supermarket I saw they sold three varieties: Wiener, Frankfurter, and "Trueman's American Style Hot Dog." Score!

The wieners turned out to be a good experience and gave me a new lease on life. The meat and casing were of a softer texture. I assume this is due to their being jarred in brine. The skins popped and cracked very quickly in the frying pan. These wieners were light pink and tasted pretty mild.

I would say this is my greatest hot dog find since moving to Korea. I'd go even further to say that these are the only TRUE hot dog's I have found here. Meica claims to be Germany's #1 brand. Well, they're not the best I've ever had but they were exactly what I would expect a Wiener to be.

4 / 5

Meica Frankfurter review coming soon.

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