Thursday, September 29, 2011

Windy City Eats: Bruin Dog & Spicy Corn Dog

I'll keep this brief.

It poured tonight.

I went to Windy City Eats with my bro. HIS TREAT! I got a Bruin Dog and a Spicy Corn Dog. He got a regular Corn Dog and a Cheese Dog.

Bruin Dog: On a poppy seed bun with Boston Baked Beans. There was one random slice of a hot pepper. Franks n' beans all in one.

Spicy Corn Dog: Corn dogs are good. I'm not really convinced that this one was spicy though. Maybe it wasn't?

I had a grand scheme about taking pictures of these wieners but it didn't quite pan out.

As with most trips to Windy City, I was too busy stuffing my face to pay much attention to anything.

Another solid Windy City experience. 4/5!

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