Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maple Leaf Skinless Franks

Maple Leaf skinless franks always seem to be on standby in my household refrigerator, and tonight I was lucky enough to come home from work and find some freshly cooked on standby. These hot dogs were sitting there waiting and I had to make them mine-- so I did.

My father had cooked these with slits up the side in a frying pan and also buttered and toasted the rolls. I added some black pepper and Trader Joe's Pickle Slices which were provided by my friends mom. I couldn't find any desirable mustard in my fridge so I regretfully skipped that step.

Appearance: Skinless franks fried with side slits. A little well done. Pink on inside.

Smell: BUTTA! Mmm buttered roll.

Taste: These are neutral wieners. There is a little bit of spice. No odd/unwanted flavors.

Texture: Not a firm wiener, not a soft wiener. An in betWIENER. Crunchy and buttery saturated roll with pickle slices are a nice addition.

Overall: Not the best wieners I've ever had but, I have had them a million times. Budget priced and certainly NOT bad.

Thanks again to my pappy and also my friends mom.

These wieners get a 3/5!

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