Saturday, September 10, 2011

Applegate Farms Organic Beef Hot Dogs

My cousin hooked me up with some grass-fed beef hot dogs made by Applegate Farms. What a good cousin. These puppies were grilled and I had mine with Uncle Maynard's Hot Pepper Relish which I would say is a better product than the Howard's. It has a bit of a cinnamon flavor to it. I found mine at Stop and Shop.

Appearance: These wieners are short and stumpy. No natural skin. They darkened up nicely on the grill but were a little resistant to blistering and splitting. Darker pink on the inside.

Smell: Cooking these on the grill gave off a hamburger smell. Either due to the exceptional beefiness of the wieners or maybe just some left over hamburger smell from previous grill use.

Taste: These wieners taste like meat and nothing else.

Texture: Biting into the wieners, they are a little on the tough side regardless of their skinless state. Firm and juicy.

Overall: These wieners are "aight." Not as exciting in the flavor category as the Apple Gate all-natural Big Apple franks. Organic vs. all natural. I will note that there is a bit of an other-factor going on: putting these wieners down my throat made my burps taste fishy. Just putting that out there.

I give these wieners a 3/5!

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