Sunday, August 21, 2011

Southern Florida Wiener Adventures

The lady and I recently drove down to Florida to stay at her pappy's house. He treated us to many things including Hot Dogs.

At Jaxson's Ice Cream Parlour in Dania Beach, FL, ice cream isn't the only ridiculously portioned item on the menu. They have GIANT WIENERS that are pretty good.

I got the 1/2 pound "New York Style" which came with pepper relish, cucumber relish, chopped onions, and cole slaw. This wiener was massive but came out to be a nice sized meal/snack on its own. Very filling. And yummy.

The 1 pound "Artillery Dog" comes with the same toppings. It is served with an air raid siren going off. Hand thrown in for gauge. This was ordered by one of my cohorts. Maybe next time I'll try to conquer this wiener.


I was given a pleasurable experience by the wieners at Dogma Grill in Miami. They serve Sabrett frankfurters here.

I ordered a "Pitchfork" which had barbecue sauce, cheese, bacon, and carmelized onions. It did the trick. Could have used a little more heat and non-orange cheese.

...and a Chicago style.

Looking forward to going down and checking out some other SoFlo wiener joints next year. I would definitely go to Jaxson's again and order something a little more interesting. Special thanks to the girlfriend's father for making it all possible.

Maybe I can get back on track with a regular posting schedule now that my vacations are out of the way.

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