Thursday, July 14, 2011

Windy City Eats: Chicago Dog & Corn Dog

I almost forgot to get wieners tonight so I ended up getting these, to-go, from Windy City Eats in Weymouth, MA.

Appearance: The wieners themselves are standard pink natural casing. Chicago Dog: On a poppy seed roll with mustard, green relish, onion, tomato, pickle, hot peppers, and celery salt. Classic Chicago style I suppose. Corn Dog: Nice brown on the outside, golden inside. The stick that they come on is huge.

Smell: I was too busy shoving wieners down my throat to smell anything. On the ride home I could smell the sweet corniness of the corn dog.

Taste: More about preparation and condiments with these dogs. Chicago: Nice mix of flavors with the million different toppings. The hot peppers are dominant. Corn: Nice sweet cross between corn bread and Chinese chicken finger. I had some mustard with it too which was good. This is my first time ever having a corn dog. Yummahz!

Texture: These wieners are firm with a nice snap to the skin. Chicago: Nice crunch from the onions/pickle/peppers. The bun got a touch soggy during transit. Corn: Crunchy on the outside soft on the inside. Eliminates to-go sog.

Overall: I love Windy City Eats. I've gone a few times before and intend to go back for more reviews. Hopefully with better planning next time. They really push the Vienna Beef brand but it's good stuff.

This trip to Windy City gets a 5/5!

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