Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Montreal Hot Dog Fest

Yeah I'm six days late on this one.

So I really wanted to have an all out hot dog fest while vacationing in Montreal, but it didn't really work out that way due to lack of motivation. Montreal isn't really known for wieners anyway.

I'll keep this short.

To the left are two hot dogs from Mont Royal. I got one Roti (toastie) and one Vapeur (steamie), both dogs were "all dressed" (mustard/onions/coleslaw) which is the Montreal way. They were skinless, "steamed" hot dogs, apparently Lester's brand. The steamie had a sort of Frenchish roll and the toastie had buttered/toasted New England Style roll. Coleslaw on a hot dog is a good idea to me!

They were pretty good but nothing special. 3/5.

This is supposed to be the hot dog place in Montreal but it didn't seem to be too special. From what I gathered a lot of places serve the Lester's brand franks. I was kind of hoping for something natural casing. I'd think about getting them again next time I go to Montreal for a CHEAP bite. Also, I got poutine here.


My girlfriend got these all-dressed veggie dogs (tofu dogs?) at Lafleur, a Montreal fast food chain. Hehehehe! I don't think these were anything special for her either.

They were out of veggie poutine.

* for future reference *

I did find a place that I wanted to try after I had stuffed a crepe into to my stomach. Unfortunately, I was too full to stop. But I did notice all kinds of steaming meats and sausages in the window of Slovenia Boucherie-Charcuterie. I'm 99% sure that they had wieners, or just some long skinny hot dog colored sausages. It will have to wait until I get up there again.



Make sure to tune in next time for the world premier of the...

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