Thursday, November 10, 2011

Caswell's Seafood

 I thrust the wiener into my mouth and closed my teeth upon it; it's sweet juices flowed out over my tongue.

I went to Caswell's Seafood, in Weymouth, with my pal. We got wieners.

I have driven by Caswell's several times and have always been intrigued by the advertisement of "LONG HOT DOGS" on the sign.

My wiener was pretty good.

It came standard on a buttered-toasted roll. I got it with mustard, onions, and relish. I was pleased with the portion of toppings. I sprinkled a little bit of black pepper on as well.

I found the wiener to be VERY juicy. I enjoyed this. Other than that, it was pretty standard.

An upgrade from the wieners at Sullivan's Castle Island.

I give Caswell's a 3/5!


  1. What are your thoughts about cooking frozen dogs vs. thawed ones?

  2. I freeze dogs all the time and don't find them to be inferior to non frozen dogs. I generally like to freeze them as a whole unopened package. Cooking them, they seem to burn (blacken) more easily even if the middle hasn't quite made it to temperature yet-- so, they definitely need a little more attention if you're after a nice crispy-char-tan. If you're not lazy or impatient, letting them thaw a couple hours before cooking would probably help prevent any issues.