Thursday, June 30, 2011

Crown Royal Bakery Hot Dog Bun

After work today I decided to stop at the Crown Royal Bakery in Wollaston, MA to pick up some hot-dog-buns. I was introduced to these delicious treats a while back by my co-worker and have had them a million times since. Today was my first time actually going to the bakery and buying them myself. The bakery, I hear, is absolutely mobbed in the morning but when I went at 5PM I was the only one there. I must note because of the time of purchase the bread wasn't as fresh but just a tiny bit more firm than usual.

Appearance: A shiny, tan, and round egg-washed bun with the red head of the hot dog poking out of the ends. The heads must become red from the egg-wash or baking. After biting in, the wiener is revealed as a typical pink-type and the roll yellowy.

Smell: Nothing special to note smelling the hot dog. The roll smells sweet and egg-washy.

Taste: The roll is a little on the sweet side and the mild hot dog is a little on the salty side. Perfect combo of sweet and salty. However, the bread:wiener ratio is a little high with the little oblong hot dog residing within the large round roll.

Texture: The wieners used in these are skinless and on the soft n' chewy side. The roll is soft but not as soft as I have had before. The bread immediately surrounding the wiener is a little soggy: I don't know if this is because of the juices coming out during baking or if they slather the wiener in something; definitely a plus though.

Overall: These dogs are very good and very fulfilling. I'm pretty sure they can be found at almost any Chinese bakery for a good change-up from the traditional wiener. I haven't really tried much else from the bakery but it's supposed to be a pretty good example of Chinese baked goods. At 85 cents a piece (as of 6/30/11), I will definitely buy these again and again and again.

Check out the bakery. It's right across Newport Ave. from the Wollaston Red Line T-Stop.

These wieners get a 4/5!

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